How Do I Keep My HVAC Unit Running Smoothly Year-Round?

How Do I Keep My HVAC Unit Running Smoothly Year-Round?

Hire Maurice’s Heating & Cooling for HVAC maintenance in Lexington, NC

For a toasty winter and a refreshing summer, you need recurring maintenance on your HVAC system with help from Maurice’s Heating & Cooling. To make sure that your heating and air conditioning unit is ready for any season, our trained technicians will provide a thorough tune-up of your HVAC system. In the spring and fall, we’ll come to your property and check the condition of your HVAC unit and then clean condenser coils, filters and more.

3 benefits to recurring HVAC maintenance

Routine maintenance for your HVAC system has many benefits. Below are a few reasons to schedule a tune-up today with Maurice’s Heating & Cooling of Lexington, NC. Maintenance helps to:

  1. Increase efficiency of the unit, which directly impacts energy costs.
  2. Reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system, resulting in fewer repair and replacement expenses.
  3. Improve indoor air quality by keeping you and your family protected from debris, dust and harmful bacteria.

Schedule HVAC maintenance with Maurice’s Heating & Cooling today. Call 336-978-5933 to make an appointment.