Maurice's Heating & Cooling Provides Comfort in Lexington, NC

Maurice's Heating & Cooling Provides Comfort in Lexington, NC

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The sky is gray, there’s frost on the windows and the temperature has plummeted overnight. It’s a cold and dreary day, but that doesn’t mean you should have to be chilly and miserable, too. If your heater is keeping you chilled rather than warm, call Maurice’s Heating & Cooling right now! We’ll install a new HVAC unit on your property so that you can crank up the thermostat and defrost your toes.


  • Life time warranty on any braising joints for line sets
  • Life time warranty on any thermostat with new system
  • Life time warranty on new duct work.

Hire the professionals at Maurice’s Heating & Cooling for a high-quality HVAC installation

At Maurice’s Heating & Cooling, we want you to stay comfortable in your home year-round. That’s why our HVAC contractors:

  • Install premium HVAC units that are name brand, such as York.
  • Offer base models and energy-efficient models for installation
  • Provide recommendations based on house size and budget specifications

To receive a free quote from Maurice’s Heating & Cooling of Lexington, NC, call 336-978-5933 today. We’ll have your new HVAC unit installed and running smoothly in no time!